August 13, 2011


assalamu'alaikum =)

hai =)
mood: puasa hari ke 13 . .

okay semlm as usual students ak ( 2 khindi ) will submit their journal
aiyoo ramai ingt tuh last journal . pergh sdeyh kot . .
emm bnyk da journal yg ak touching mase bace
okay . . =( sob3

okay ni ade la journal sorng students ak
hua . . sdeyh sebab dia ubah lyric lagu perfect simple plan tuh
aku dah la suka giler lagu tuh . aiyoo


hey miss look at me
think back and talk to me
did i learn these according to plan?
about the pain that you feel inside
i really hope that u'll be fine

and i tried hard just to make you
i just wanna make you proud
i know i'd never be good enough for you
i can't say that i'm alright

but you can't change me
because we've lost them all
nothing last forever
i'm sorry i can't be perfect
because it's just to late
i just can say that
i'm sorry i can't be perfect

tuh la lyric nye . . dy ubah sket2
huaa touching bile bace journal ni . .
hurmm guys, i hope we'll meet again =(

all the best in ur life
don't give up
take care . . .

i never forget u

=( sob3

gracias . .


  1. kakak !!!! miss you !!!! myhatiku <3

  2. sodeh la pulak? aiyoo. macam2 lah ko nie ! haha