August 11, 2011

aoi sora

Assalamu'alaikum =)

guys . . good morning

mood : puasa hari ke 11 =)

okay atas permintaan one of my students
atau nama journal nye AOI SORA . . hehehe
meminta saya untuk menghupdate journal nye last week kat blog saya

okay enjoy his journal yaa

" Most people would say that comics are not beneficial. But even so, I like them and for a good reason too. They're pretty similar to novels you know. They both carry a message from the author. Whether it's his philosophy, views of the world or anything, they're all contain something that is expressed with his works. One of the comics that I like - titled "Magister Negi Magi" - contain the quote "There is no Evil, only Justice". While it doesn't make any sense, it actually does. It clarifies that there is always two sides of a coin. For example, for a war between two sides, each side has their own story, their own perspective. Each has a reason to fight that war, and with that reason comes resolve, and with resolve there exists justice. (Though it doesn't include religious wars. Those are a different story). Now all of this is interesting but, what benefit can we get from the quote? Well we won't get angry too much with other people's decision because we know that he/she has his/her our point of view. We would open our hearts to understand each other. We would also realize that we're not always right, and other people are not always wrong. We'd tend to accept their understanding of a situation better than before. It also suggests that a gold can be achieved with more than one way. Well, the quote is just a single out of countless other quotes that can be found in comics. Just goes to show you how much people can misunderstand something so much. huh? "

okay . .

tuh la journal dy . quite interesting la bg ak . . well done shahrul . .
journal2 len ak enjoy gak . macam2 dyorng cite . hee . ak mang xsabar nk tggu hari jumaat . nak dpt journal dr studnts 2 khindi . heee suke sngt2 . pasni dah xde dah nk tggu journal . sdeyh nye la . . btw, lg 5 hari je nk abes . sdeyh kot . huuu okay . btw, all the best yaa sume . .

p/s : journal shahrul ni sejibik2 ak amik dr dlm ketas dy tulis =) xde tukar ape2 pon . heee

okay . . gracias . .


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  2. ezzaty . . hahahha ko nk bace journal ak pasal ape haa . kih3